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How to Tie Vans Shoelaces

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How to Lace Vans

There’s no doubt that Vans are one of the hottest brands on the market. Whether you’re hanging out or playing hard, you want to show off a shoe that’s completely unique. To make your style even more individualized, tying Vans laces in cool ways is a great option. Fortunately, there are plenty of lacing options, especially when you want to learn how to tie your shoelaces without a bow.

The whole point of Vans is to highlight the shoe itself, although there’s nothing wrong with wanting your laces to be eye-catching as well. Here are some of our favorite ways to tie Vans shoelaces that make your favorite shoes even more awesome.

How to Tie Vans Laces Using a Traditional Cross-Over Lacing Method

Let’s start with the basics. Most of us discover how to lace up our shoes in a criss-cross pattern. It’s an easy one to follow, but it can look sloppy towards the top with loose ends flopping around. Plus, the bow can easily come untied, which is annoying and looks sloppy.

To make your Vans look stylish without the bows – and most of all, comfortable, use Lace Anchors ® to secure the laces at the top of the shoe after criss-crossing the laces to the top. Lace Anchors ® fit snugly under the top eyelet holes and give you the opportunity to cut off any excess laces. Not only will your Vans look cleaner, but the lacing will also stay in place wear after wear and keep the same comfort level.

How to Lace Vans in a Straight-Across, Bar Lace Pattern

Have you ever seen shoelaces on a Vans shoe that go straight across from eyelet hole to eyelet hole? This pattern of tying Vans shoelaces, known as a bar lace pattern, isn’t difficult at all. The trick is to skip from one eyelet hole to another when you’re lacing up the shoes.

Check out our quick how-to video and see the simplicity in action. Within about five minutes, you can literally be enjoying your Vans. Plus, without flopping loose lace ends at the top of the shoe, the pattern will look especially neat and clean.

How to Stitch Lace Your Vans

How to Tie Vans Shoelaces in More Complex Ways

Are you interested in other ways to tie your Vans that aren’t as common? At Lace Anchors ®, you’ll find design videos that teach you quickly how to form exciting lace designs, such as the 50/50, NO lace design, triple-x lace and more. Who knows? You might even use these patterns to come up with your own design that no one’s ever seen before!

When you consider the colors of shoelaces that are available, as well as the styles of bowless shoelace designs thanks to Lace Anchors ®, the combinations for your Vans are practically limitless. Best of all, when you ditch the bows while keeping the laces tight with our anchoring system, you’ll be able to slip your Vans on your feet in an instant. Stay fresh and in-style with creative Vans lacing designs! 

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