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50/50 Lace Design

Quick Specs About Pattern
Difficulty Easy
Adjustability Easy
Completion Time 4 min/shoe
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Lace Anchors, Black Shoelaces, Red Shoelaces


50/50 Lace Design

Additional Information about this shoelace design


Shoes Required:

The 50/50 lace pattern can be used on almost any shoe that requires laces, such as sneakers or even boots. However, since it has a bit of a “sportier” appeal, it’s probably best suited for an athletic/casual shoe with several eyelets on each side. When used with the proprietary Lace Anchors® system, it is not necessary for any bows to be tied when using the 50/50 shoelace design.

One of the most appealing aspects of the 50/50 shoelace design is that, regardless of the shoe, the design takes very little time to change. This means it’s possible to change shoelaces and swap colors frequently with very little hassle or effort.

Shoelaces Required:

The recommended shoelaces for all 50/50 lace designs should be constructed of high-quality materials that will not stretch, but will keep their shape despite heavy wear. While flat shoelaces are the recommended types for 50/50 shoelace patterns, they are not ultimately necessary.

Round or oval shoelaces will give a slightly different presentation, but they will not change the way the 50/50 lace pattern is constructed. Plus, all shoelaces can work with the Lace Anchors® system.

The shoelace colors can be up to the wearer, although the bolder the colors, the more eye-catching the end result will be.  Be brave, be colorful!

Eyelets Required:

There should be at least four sets of eyelets to make the 50/50 shoelace design look great. Because each row is essentially offset from the other rows, the design will be more intriguing and colorful with more eyelets.

Finishing Off:

Because two shoelaces are used in each shoe to complete 50/50 shoelace patterns, it’s possible to end the pattern with a bow that is tied at the top. However, even with a bow, it is still necessary to use the Lace Anchors® system to recreate the look, as one end of each shoelace must be secured at the bottom eyelets.  Note that 2 packs of Lace Anchors® will be necessary to complete the 50/50 shoelace design on a single pair of shoes.

Additional Options:

There are many ways to “change up” the look of the 50/50 shoelace pattern, including:

* Having the design of each shoe be the same, rather than a mirror image of one another.

* Using different shoelace colors and/or styles in each shoe.

* Double-twisting for a different type of shoelace pattern.

* Using the 50/50 shoelace design to show off team or school colors.