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Angle Bar Lace Design

Quick Specs About Pattern
Difficulty Easy
Adjustability Easy
Completion Time 4 min/Shoe
Create This Look
Lace Anchors, White Shoelaces


Angle Bar Lace Design


Shoes Required: 

The Angle Bar lace design is one of the easiest shoelace patterns to make with any type of shoes. It’s terrific for beginners or those looking for a quick way to create an eye-catching look. By strategically using lacing patterns that are slightly offset from one another, your shoe becomes visually-appealing without the need for many intricacies.

When used with the Lace Anchors® system, shoes will stay completely tight throughout multiple wears. This is a terrific design for sneakers that will actually be used on the court, on the field or in the skate park. After all, they won’t come loose even during strenuous or active play.

Shoelaces Required:

 For the Angle Bar lace design, we recommend using flat shoelaces rather than those that are round or oval. Although the lacing designs are simple enough to warrant the use of any shoelace, round and oval laces don’t have the same impact — they are thinner and lack the straight lines of a flat shoelace.

Due to the fact that this design uses very little in the way of shoelace length, it may be possible to use a single shoelace to complete one pair of shoes. This will depend on the size and type of the shoe being laced. Always measure the estimated length needed before purchasing shoelaces.

Additionally, it’s a good idea to have a high-quality pair of laces made from a durable material that will not stretch on its own. Check out our RocketInk® shoelaces for different colors and textures that can be used to complete this design look.

Eyelets Required: 

While there’s no need for a certain number of eyelets to achieve the Angle Bar lace design, we recommend having at least four eyelets on each side of the shoe. This causes a more visual impact with your design. Ideally, the eyelets should be the color of the shoe itself — this makes the unused eyelets “disappear” and prominently emphasizes the angles of the shoelace design.

Finishing Off: 

Because the ends of the shoelaces are at opposite points on the shoe, a bow is not possible with the Angle Bar lace design. Thus, the best way to keep the shoelaces in place is to use Lace Anchors® shoe anchors on each shoelace end. One 4-pack of Lace Anchors® will be enough to complete both shoes. The other option is to tie the ends together inside the shoe forming a hidden knot.  This option is much more uncomfortable and will also shift over time.

Additional Options: 

There are a couple of great ways to add to the Angle Bar lace design and make it your own:

* Use two different colored flat shoelaces. For instance, one shoe could sport a red shoelace. The other could showcase a yellow shoelace.  You could also alternate colors on the same shoe using 2 different colored laces going back and fourth between the 2 colors. This is a fun technique for showing off team colors.

* Mirror your laces. The angles on the Angle Bar lace design can run one way on one shoe, and then be “mirrored” to go the other way on the second shoe.