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Bar Lace Design

Quick Specs About Pattern
Difficulty Easy
Adjustability Easy
Completion Time 3 min/Shoe
Create This Look
Lace Anchors, Blue Shoelaces


Bar Lace Design

Additional Information About this Shoelace Design

Shoes Required:

Perhaps one of the easiest shoelace patterns to master, the Bar Lace can be done on any shoe with several eyelet holes running along each side. It’s a great design for Vans, Chuck Taylors, sneakers or even lace-up boot styles. Though it’s simple to do, it’s one of the shoelace designs that’s here to stay.   

Shoelaces Required:

The Bar Lace screams for flat shoelaces - round and oval varieties just don’t seem to achieve the right look or feel. That’s due to the fact that the parallel, straight lines formed by flat lacing designs like the Bar Lace are the core of its popularity.

As with any lacing design, it’s important to pick a sturdy shoelace. Otherwise, the lace patterns could weaken and make the overall appearance of the Bar Lace less impactful. A brand such as RocketInk® offers any number of lengths and colors to satisfy even the pickiest shoelace enthusiast.

As an added bonus, the Bar Lace pattern can be completed with only a single shoelace leaving you with a spare!  Simply cut the lace in half, use our Lace Anchors® and your good to go.

Eyelets Required:

The Bar Lace design is striking because of the straight-across bars created by the shoelace designs. Consequently, the more eyelets a shoe has, the better the Bar Lace will look. The Bar Shoelace pattern  or what some call Straight lacing is a free floating pattern so it will naturally adjust to your foot which means regular eyelets, metal eyelets  or plastic eyelets will all work just fine.

Finishing Off:

A bow knot is possible with the Bar shoelace design but requires a different lacing method than we use which is not recommended due to difficulty with adjustments.  Our method requires Lace Anchors® for the most comfortable, reliable finish.  Our 3-pack of Lace anchors will complete 3 pairs of your favorite shoes!

Additional Options:

There are a few ways to make the Bar Lace design stand out more than it already does.

* Put different-colored shoelaces in each shoe. For example, black in one shoe and white in the other. If you have two of the same kind of shoes – such as two Vans in different colors – you could even wear opposite-colored shoes. In that case, the right foot could have a black shoe with a white shoelace in the Bar Lace design, and the left foot could have a white shoe with a black shoelace.

* Choose a shoelace that’s the same shade as your shoe. This is especially stunning if your eyelets are NOT the same color as the shoe or laces.

* When completing the Bar Lace, add beads, a key, a ring or other mementoes to one of the straight “bars.” This turns the shoelace into more of an artistic piece than mere footwear, similar to a charm bracelet.

* You can also use 2 different color laces on a single shoes.  This requires additional shoelaces and Lace Anchors®.