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Braided Bar Lace Design

Quick Specs About Pattern
Difficulty Moderate
Adjustability Hard
Completion Time 20 min/shoe
Create This Look
Lace Anchors, Pink Shoelaces, Purple Shoelaces, White Shoelaces


Braided Bar Lace Design

Additional Information about this shoelace design


Shoes Required:

The Braided Bar lace pattern is ideally suited for any type of shoe, although its innovative styling will likely be relegated to shoes that are not worn for intensive athletic use. With that being said, it’s possible for the Braided Bar shoelace design to be perfectly comfortable for running, skating and more, especially when paired with the Lace Anchors® system. It negates the need for a bow.

Shoelaces Required:

A high-quality pair of laces, such as those from RocketInk®, work for Braided Bar shoelace patterns. Note that if you choose flat laces, the Braided Bar pattern will look different than if you use oval laces — flat laces tend to lay flush with the top of the shoe. Additionally, flat laces will offer less bulk on the underside of the shoe where the laces are going through the eyelets.

Three shoelaces are needed to complete Braided Bar shoelace patterns. These shoelaces can be three different colors, two different colors or all one color. This gives you the opportunity to mix-and-match. Although it does take a bit of time to complete the Braided Bar pattern for each shoe, some wearers may be inclined to change their laces regularly to match their clothing, sport their team colors, or show their school spirit.

Eyelets Required:

It’s ideal to have at least four or five rows of eyelets for the Braided Bar shoelace design. Otherwise, the look will not be as complete and the lacing won’t be as secure.

Finishing Off:

There are two ways to finish off the Braided Bar lace pattern. The first is to simply create a bow at the top of the shoe using one shoelace in one eyelet, and two shoelaces in the opposite eyelet. You’ll be able to show off the specialty tips of your shoelaces, if you wish.

The second finishing off technique can be created using the Lace Anchors® system. One pack of Lace Anchors® will be adequate for a pair of shoes and will keep the Braided Bar pattern from losing its shape without the need for any flopping bows.

One important note: To ensure that the finishing off method looks amazing and fits perfectly, be sure to test the fit after each braided row has been completed.

Additional Options:

The Braided Bar shoelace design can be altered in these ways:

* Rather than having three different colors of shoelaces for the braid, the braid can be comprised of one or two colors. This gives a “chunkier” effect from a color standpoint.

* Shoes can sport different colors of braided laces.

* Flat and oval shoelaces can be mixed to create different braided looks. However, this might add more bulk to the underside of the eyelets, possibly making the shoe uncomfortable for long-term wear.