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Diamond Lace Design

Quick Specs About Pattern
Difficulty Easy
Adjustability Hard
Completion Time 5 min/Shoe
Create This Look
Lace Anchors, White Shoelaces


Diamond Lace Design

Additional Information About this Shoelace Design

Shoes Required:

As one of the more popular funky lace patterns, the Diamond Shoelace design requires shoes that have several eyelets. Thus, sneakers and boots work really well. Vans and Vans-styles can also be used. The key is that the top of the shoe should be visible enough to make the Diamond Lace design stand out. If you have a small tongue in your shoe, the pattern won’t be as obvious to onlookers. It will still be appealing, just not as dramatically so.

Shoelaces Required:

The Diamond Lace is a lacing design that just begs for flat shoelaces. While it can be achieved using round or oval laces, the laces simply won’t lie as nicely against the eyelets and tongue of the shoe. Part of the intrinsic appeal of the Diamond Lace as a pattern is that the criss-crossing of the shoelace designs is noticeable, even from several feet away.

The shoelace length required for this design can be difficult to determine due to so many shoes and sizes.  We suggest getting a pair of our 54” flat shoelace and some Lace Anchors®.  This takes the guess work out since all the excess lace will be trimmed off when using our Anchors system.  You can get away with 36” laces on most Vans.

Eyelets Required:

Because the lacing designs of the Diamond Lace pattern necessitate that most of the shoe’s eyelets can accommodate a double length of lace (two passes through a single eyelet), it’s important to pick shoes with eyelets that are large or can be enlarged. A pen or pencil poked into a stitched eyelet can help achieve this goal. Metal and plastic eyelets will not be as malleable.

In terms of number of eyelets needed, it’s best if the shoe has 5+ eyelets on each row. The more that are available the stronger the Diamond Lace design will appear.

Finishing Off:

To finish off the Diamond Shoelace design, it’s necessary to either tie bows or knots in the shoelaces underneath the shoe, or cut the laces after installing Lace Anchors®. The latter choice will leave the shoes looking good and lock your design in place. 

A bow is not a good finishing-off touch for the Diamond Lace pattern, as it will compete with the shoelace designs.

Additional Options:

To change up the Diamond Lace shoelace pattern, try one of these alterations:

* Pick a shoelace color that matches the shoe. This will result in a pattern that adds texture rather than pure geometric design.

* Choose shoelaces that are opposite colors from one another. For instance, the right shoe might sport a red shoelace, while the left shoe sports a pink one. The Diamond Lace pattern will definitely stand out!

* Use two different lace patterns for your pair of sneakers. The Diamond Lace shoelace design can easily be paired with another design, such as “NO” Lace or Bar Lace.

* Get creative and use 2 different color shoelaces within the same pattern.  This will require and extra set of Lace Anchors®