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5 Lace Design

Quick Specs About Pattern
Difficulty Easy
Adjustability Moderate
Completion Time 4 min/Shoe
Create This Look
Lace Anchors, Red Shoelaces


5 Lace Design


Shoes Required:

While the “five” shoelace design is compatible with all shoes, we recommend this pattern for regular sneakers or shoes, not used for athletic purposed due to difficulty in adjusting the tension once the pattern is complete.

Shoelaces Required: 

This pattern looks best with flat/standard style shoelaces.  Oval or round style laces leave the shoe looking empty or incomplete.  Shoelaces that are too wide tend to bleed together and take away from the design.  If you are using our Lace Anchors®, you can actually get away with using only one shoelace for both pairs of shoes in most cases, saving the other as a replacement.  This is possible due to the minimal amount of shoelace length required with this design.

Eyelets Required: 

To make this design exactly as it’s shown above, you will need 6 sets of eyelets.  The good news is you don’t have to make 4 diagonal passes with your laces.  You can make as little as 2 with this design, and you will still get a similar effect—although, it would not be a true “five” design.

Finishing Off: 

The two ends of your shoelaces will not be aligned with this pattern, so it will not look good to tie a bow knot.  We recommend using Lace Anchors® or tying the bow together on the inside of your shoe.  This is not a design that you will want to adjust every time you put your shoes on.  It’s best for shoe that you can just slip on and off without the need of tying during each use.

Additional Options:

There are sevberal optional ways to complete the “five” pattern:

* Reverse or “mirror” the design so that the cross is going in the same direction or the opposite direction on each shoe.

* Use less diagonal passes, so instead of having 4 diagonal passes as shown you can have less or more depending on the number of eyelets you have.

* You can add an additional cross forming an “x” in the middle of the shoe.  This would be called our Cross Lock Lace pattern.  Although they look similar, the installation is a little bit different.