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Loop Lace Design

Quick Specs About Pattern
Difficulty Moderate
Adjustability Hard
Completion Time 8 Min/Shoe
Create This Look
Lace Anchors, Orange Shoelaces


Loop Lace Design

Additional Information About this Shoelace Design

Shoes Required:

As lacing designs go, the Loop Lace looks more difficult than it is. Though it takes time to adjust the shoelaces to acquire the ideal flatness and to achieve the true “looped” appearance, it isn’t difficult in and of itself. However, it does require a shoe that is going to have at least five eyelets. Otherwise, the lace designs will fall short of their dramatic possibilities.

Shoelaces Required:

To ensure the shoelace designs of the Loop Lace exhibit the desired perfection, flat shoelaces are necessary. Though the color scheme can be of any desired shade, the flatness of the laces should not be switched up. Part of the appeal of the Loop Lace is that the criss-crossed “X” shoelace patterns have to create lines along the top of the shoe. This cannot be done with round or oval laces effectively.

The shoelace length required for this design varies by shoe and shoe size.  We suggest getting a pair of our 54” flat shoelace and some Lace Anchors®.  This takes the guess work out since all the excess lace will be trimmed off.

Eyelets Required:

The more eyelets, the better! What makes the Loop Lace so eye-catching is that it’s tough to determine how it’s done. A number of eyelets have to be present on each side of the shoe in order to achieve the desired effect.  This pattern works extremely well with high tops as shown.

Finishing Off:

Lace Anchors® are recommended for finishing off any Loop Lace design as there will not be enough shoelace length to form a bow on many shoes.  In addition the bow knot will “take away from the pattern.  While some individuals have chosen to “stuff” their shoelaces back into their shoes after creating the Loop Lace, this isn’t a suggested practice. The problem with “stuffing” is that the shoelaces can irritate your feet and cause the shoelace patterns to shift or become irregular.

Our 3 pack of Lace Anchors® will take care of 3 pairs of shoes!

Additional Options:

To add pizzazz to the Loop Lace, try one of the following methods:

* Start with two differently-colored shoelaces, such as a brown one and a blue one. Put the brown one on one shoe and the blue one on the other. This will add more vibrancy to your overall look. It can also be a fun way to show off school spirit or your favorite team’s colors.

* When engaging in the Loop Lace design, make the shoelaces go in opposite directions when they are crossing one another on each shoe — making them turn into “mirrors”. For instance, rather than doing right-over-left, do left-over-right. Experiment to see if there are other ways to make the shoelaces “mirror” one another.