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Spider Web Lace Design

Quick Specs About Pattern
Difficulty Moderate
Adjustability Hard
Completion Time 8 Min/Shoe
Create This Look
Lace Anchors, Neon Green Shoelaces


Spider Web Lace Design

Additional Information About this Shoelace Design

Shoes Required:

The Spider Web Lace pattern is one of the more demanding lace designs because it requires concentration on the part of the “weaver.” You’ll also need a shoe with eyelets that aren’t too close together but are plentiful. In general, sneakers and high tops are good fits for the Spider Web Lace style of lace patterns.

While Vans could effectively show off some elements of the Spider Lace shoelace patterns, a different design might be more effective for that type of footwear such as the diamond lace pattern

Shoelaces Required:

Although the Spider Web Lace is typically done with a flat shoelace — such as our RocketInk® flat style shoelaces - a round or oval shoelace could work as well. If you choose a round or oval lace, the webbing will not be as dramatic, but the overall look will remain interesting and eye-catching.

Because this is a bold shoelace pattern that isn’t quick or simple to adjust, take your time when your installing the design on your shoes.  Also make sure you are using a shoelaces length that is long enough.  We suggest using our 54” Flat laces and Lace Anchors®  this will ensure your laces are long enough and you can simply trim off the excess.

Eyelets Required:

The Spider Web Lace can be pulled off when a shoe has at least four or five eyelets on either side. Any type of eyelet is acceptable, although metal or plastic versions will probably help offset the design.  The downfall to metal or plastic eyelets is the fact that the pattern will adjust or move more easily and frequently. 

Finishing Off:

To finish the Spider Web Lace, it’s important to secure and hide the ends of the shoelaces. Though the ends could be knotted and stuffed into the shoe, that method is only a temporary fix and will make future adjustments difficult. A better option is to use Lace Anchors® to keep the ends of the shoelaces taut and in place for the long haul, even if the shoes are used during a hard workout or worn for long periods of time.

Additional Options:

Although the Spider Web Lace is already fairly complex, it can be spiced up with some theme variations:

* Use two different colored RocketInk® shoelaces so your shoelace designs don’t match in terms of their hues. This is a fun way to show off favorite personal shades or to support a team.

* Add beads, ring jewelry or other items to the shoelaces when making the webbing area of the Spider Web Lace design. They’ll add to the mystery of how the pattern was created.

* Pick a shoelace in the same tone as the shoe. This will give a sense of depth to the look over the shoe, and it will definitely encourage double-takes.