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Stitch Lace Design

Quick Specs About Pattern
Difficulty Moderate
Adjustability Moderate
Completion Time 6 min/Shoe
Create This Look
Lace Anchors, Magenta Shoelaces


Stitch Lace Design

Additional Information About this Shoelace Design

Shoes Required:  

While any shoes with five eyelet holes on each side work well with the Stitch Lace shoelace design, Vans seem to fit the bill nicely. Plus, because Vans are so popular as a preferred type of shoe for all ages, it’s easy to find the perfect pair. However, it’s possible for Stitch Lace shoelace patterns to be used on footwear such as boots as long as the shoelaces have enough length to cover the distance between the eyelets on the boot.

Shoelaces Required:  

The Stitch Lace shoelace design can be completed using either flat or round/oval shoelaces. With that being said, it may be more appealing to use flat shoelaces because of the crisp lines and patterns they create. Flat shoelaces will have to be manipulated to ensure they aren’t twisted during the designing of the Stitch Lace pattern.

In general, a 36” shoelace — such as those available from the RocketInk® brand — will be enough to cover one shoe. The shoelace should always be constructed of a material that is resistant to normal wear and tear, and that will not only hold its shape, but also maintain its vibrant color.

Eyelets Required:  

The Stitch Lace shoelace design requires minimum of five eyelet holes on each side of the shoe. While it might be possible to do the pattern with three eyelet holes, it is not necessarily recommended unless the wearer feels the fit will not be compromised.  If you have more than five eyelets just continue the stitches until you reach the top of your shoe.

Finishing Off:  

The Stitch Lace shoelace design can be finished off using a traditional bow that highlights the bright tips of shoelaces like those from the RocketInk® brand. Alternatively, the finishing off can be done using the Lace Anchors® system. This will alleviate the necessity for tying and re-tying of shoes while also eliminating the traditional bow knot that’s tied across the top of the shoe. If Lace Anchors® are chosen, they will fit snugly behind the lower and upper eyelet holes completely out of view.

Additional Options:  

Stitch Lace shoelace patterns can be changed subtly or dramatically in the following ways:

* The shoelaces used for the Stitch Lace shoelace design can be the same color as the shoe. This will create a slightly textured pattern along the shoe and might even cause some double-takes from viewers.

* Shoelaces of different colors can be used on each shoe to make the Stitch Lace shoelace patterns more fun and appealing. This is a terrific way to show off for school spirit days or to highlight an outfit with bright, appealing laces.