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Straight Tongue Lace Design

Quick Specs About Pattern
Difficulty Easy
Adjustability Easy
Completion Time 3 Min/Shoe
Create This Look
Lace Anchors, Red Shoelaces


Straight Tongue Lace Design

Additional Information About this Shoelace Design

 Shoes Required:  

The Straight Tongue shoelace design is both attractive and utilitarian. After all, its main purpose is not only to look awesome, but it also solves the issue of shoe tongues that move around while the wearer is walking or playing a sport. For this reason, any Straight Tongue lacing patterns should be done only on shoes that have a tongue with a “loop” in it — this loop is meant for shoelaces to go through.

Typically, the shoes that have these kinds of tongues are sneakers, such as running or athletic shoes.

Shoelaces Required:

 Any kinds of shoelace styles can be chosen for the Straight Tongue shoelace design, although flat shoelaces will likely keep a better structure than round or oval shoelaces. Additionally, the shoelaces should be of high-quality materials that will not lose their shape. As with all designs of this type, Lace Anchors® can be utilized to ensure that the shoelaces keep their tautness day after day. 

Eyelets Required:

 There are no specific eyelet requirements for Straight Tongue lacing patterns. It’s uncommon for the types of shoes with “loop” tongues to have fewer than five eyelets.

Finishing Off:

 There are multiple ways of finishing off the Straight Tongue shoelace design. The first is to simply tie a bow at the top of the shoe. The bow will need to be retied each time the shoe is worn, and it may change the tautness of the shoelaces if the bow comes undone or is not secure.

The second way to finish off Straight Tongue lacing patterns is using Lace Anchors®.  When Lace Anchors® are installe, the shoelaces will not become loose even though the footwear has essentially become a “slip on”. Even runners and other athletes find that the Lace Anchors® system does not allow their shoelaces to lose any structural integrity, run after run.

Additional Options:

 Straight Tongue lacing patterns can be switched up in the following manners:

* Different colored shoelaces can be used for each shoe. For instance, one shoe could sport a white shoelace and the other shoe could sport a black shoelace. This is a fast, easy way to make any pair of shoes appear unique.

* If shoelaces with colored tips — such as those found at Lace Anchors® under the RocketInk® line — are used for the Straight Tongue shoelace design, the tips can be highlighted. After the Lace Anchors® system is in place, the tips can then be pulled out of the top eyelets, where they add a bit of aesthetic appeal to the sides of the shoe. This is purely cosmetic and will not affect the ability of the Lace Anchors® to work properly.  See our “How to Swag Lace” pattern for this method.