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Swag Lace Design

Quick Specs About Pattern
Difficulty Easy
Adjustability Easy
Completion Time 5 min/Shoe
Create This Look
Lace Anchors, Ultra Green Shoelaces


Swag Lace Design

Additional Information About this Shoelace Design

Shoes Required:

Not all shoelace patterns have to be complicated to make a statement. The urban-inspired Swag Lace is actually just a variation on the traditional lace patterns that have been used for decades. The difference is that the tips of the shoelaces are allowed to hang freely along the sides of the shoe.

Shoelaces Required:

The Swag Lace can be completed with any type of shoelace – flat, round or oval. You can also choose from any color. However, what makes the Swag Lace a member of the cool shoelace designs club is the fact that the shoelace tips play a distinctive part in pulling together the whole “swag” aura. This ensures that any Swag Lace is completed with a shoelace that features an amazing and sturdy tip, such as our very own RocketInk® laces.  We even offer our laces in with colored tips which is a perfect compliment for the Swag design.  

Additionally, you should measure the length of the shoelace to ensure the shoelace doesn’t hang too far down from the sides of the shoe.  This can be tricky with so many different styles and sizes of shoes.

Hint: Try to keep the shoelaces as clean as possible, especially the ends that are sticking out. Otherwise, their impact will be diminished.

Eyelets Required:

A shoe with four or more eyelets can support the Swag Lace. In fact, the more eyelets, the more likely the shoelace is to complete this type of funky, urban shoelace design.

Finishing Off:

In order to have the ends of the shoelace in the Swag Lace pattern dangling without losing the tautness of the shoe, it’s important to secure them using a method like the Lace Anchors® anchoring system. This system lets you lock the shoelace ends in place underneath the top eyelets. Then, the ends of the shoelaces can be looped up through the eyelets as decorations, even though they serve no protective purpose.

Additional Options:

Try out a few variations with the Swag Lace design:

* For those who want to have a non-traditional style of Swag Lace, the shoelace patterns can be any that add a little swag, such as the Loop Lace design or Diamond Lace design.

* Use our RocketInk® colored tip laces to take this to another level.  These are offered in both flat style and oval style shoelaces.