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Zipper Lace Design

Quick Specs About Pattern
Difficulty Easy
Adjustability Easy
Completion Time 3 min/Shoe
Create This Look
Lace Anchors, White Shoelaces


Zipper Lace Design

Additional Information About this Shoelace Design

Shoes Required:

The Zipper Lace is a great design to try when first getting into the world of unique shoelace patterns. It’s quite reminiscent of traditional lacing designs and techniques, but with just enough variety to turn heads. Additionally, it can be used with any kind of a shoe. From a casual Keds model to a super high-end sneaker, every shoe is a good fit for the Zipper Lace.

Shoelaces Required:

Only one shoelace is needed per shoe so a pair of laces from a trusted brand like RocketInk® is enough for a pair of Vans or Chuck Taylors.  This pattern doesn’t require much length so you can get away with a 36” or 45” shoelace on almost all shoes.  Both flat style and oval style laces will work with this design.

Eyelets Required:

Unlike most of the more complicated shoelace designs, the Zipper Lace doesn’t require a certain amount of eyelets to work. With that being said, the more eyelets the shoe has, the more opportunity the Zipper Lace design has to catch some eyes.

Finishing Off:

Because the ends of the shoelaces wind up on opposite parts of the shoe when doing the Zipper Lace pattern, it’s necessary to use an anchoring system like Lace Anchors® to ensure the shoes stay comfortable and secure wear after wear. The good thing about Lace Anchors® is that they lie flat underneath the eyelets — they cannot be seen by the viewer, nor can they be felt by the wearer.  Our 3 pack of Lace Anchors® will complete 3 pairs of shoes.

Additional Options:

The Zipper Lace design can be switched up in a number of ways:

* Have one color of shoelace on the right shoe and another color of shoelace on the left shoe.

* Weave the Zipper Lace pattern a little differently by putting some laces into the eyelets, and some out of the eyelets.

* String beads into the shoelaces to add to the visual appeal.

* Choose a shoelace that matches the shoe color, so you can make the look even cleaner — almost “corporate casual” in nature.

* Mirror the way the shoelaces are zig-zagged up the shoe, so the pair of shoes looks like they are reflecting each other’s images.