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"No" Lace Design

Quick Specs About Pattern
Difficulty Easy
Adjustability Hard
Completion Time 5 min/Shoe
Create This Look
Lace Anchors, White Shoelaces

"No" Lace Design

Additional Information about this Shoelace Design


Shoes Required:

Whenever you want to say “no” without opening your mouth, you can point to your No Lace shoelace pattern on your Converse or other brand of footwear that has six eyelets. The nice thing about the No Lace shoelace design is that it works for all types of shoes that feature enough eyelets to make the pattern work.

When used with the Lace Anchors® system, your no Lace pattern will stay securely in place and hold is shape.

Shoelaces Required:

Ideally, the shoelaces that work best with No Lace patterns for shoes are made of quality materials, such as our very own RocketInk® laces. One 36” or longer shoelace will be needed to complete the design for each shoe.  For best results we suggest using our flat shoelaces to give the lace pattern more depth but oval style shoelaces will work as well.

There’s no specific color required for the No Lace shoelace pattern, although it’s best if the chosen shade stands out boldly from the hue of the shoe.

Eyelets Required:

The No Lace shoelace pattern requires six eyelets on each side of the shoe to complete the word “No” as seen in the video. Therefore, shoes with five or fewer eyelets will not work with this design, although the design could conceivably be modified with some additional tinkering.

The eyelets of the shoes being used for the No Lace shoelace design should be made of plastic or metal materials, so they work with the Lace Anchors® system.

Finishing Off:

This shoelace pattern requires you to start and finish in different eyelets of your shoes which would require an awkward bow which interferes with the “NO” design.  To not only achieve this design but to maintain the design we recommend our Lace Anchors® system.  This will give you a consistent pattern while providing a comfortable fitting shoe as well.

Additional Options:

There are a couple of clever ways to switch up the No Lace shoelace design to make it your own:

* Make the word “No” a different color on each shoelace. For instance, one lace could be red, the other could be orange. Just ensure that whatever colors used will stand out from the shoe material. This is a terrific way to show off team or school colors as well.

* Create the design so the word “No” is going one way on one shoe, and the other way on the other shoe. This gives a unique effect.