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Real People, Real Reviews, From Around the World! You can find many of these reviews from our Kickstarter comments page, Reddit.com, Ebay feedback, Amazon and many other sources. If you think ANY of these are not real or made up, please send us a message and we will send you a link to the source. NOT a single review is fake!


"Just got my anchors ... this is effing brilliant!"


"I was one of the kickstarter and have only used it on one pair. Works great and glad to have it. I just need more shoes to use the rest of the anchors."

Guillaume Seguin

“Just received mine ITS SIMPLY AMAZING ! been waiting long time for this !! 10 out of 10 “


"I had my dad using them before he passed away. He always wanted laced shoes, but with Heart and Lung problems bending over and tying shoes was an issue, so he stuck with Velcro. I was able to put him back in laced shoes thanks to lace anchors."


I bought some Lace Anchors while it was still on kickstarter and as a motorcycle rider, these are a godsend. While I do have motorcycle shoes, this product is great for when I'm out on a casual drive. I no longer have to worry about the bow on my shoe lace getting caught on my gear or break shifter. Also, the ability to treat any pair of shoes as slip-ons is great. For people who love athletics, these are also nice as you don't have to worry about your shoes getting untied in the middle of a workout. Also great for day-to-day activities."

Sae-Young Lee

“Just got them in Switzerland! They work awesome! You solved a big problem “

Cruz Caudillo

“they're really great. They make the whole shoe feel better (Vans) and I don't get that tight noose feel on my instep like I did with a regular knot. Well done!


"Hey, it's been a year already? wow. Anyway, I'm still using your product till this day, it's so simple, and yet, so awesome."


"Im wearing a pair of lace anchors right now. I love them."

Johan Sosa

“Got mine in California a couple weeks ago. I am impressed with the solid quality of the plastic being used. I'm glad you guys didn't cheap out and use inferior plastic -- something I'm sure knockoffs may try to do“

Suleman Manghat

“Got mine in Vancouver Canada today and they work incredibly absolutely amazing. Great job!”


“This is most likely the next best thing since sliced bread. It may not cure world hunger, but it will forever change the way we live our lives in sneakers.

I have been using my lace anchors on my running shoes. Absolutely no problems. I used to get frustrated when the laces come off during the middle of the run. All those problems are now a thing of the past”


"I'd like to put in a good word for these. I backed this when it was on Kickstarter, and I must say, they really do work, and quite well at that. I used them with my running shoes, and they kept them on, and I didn't have any problems with them. I only tried it with one pair of shoes, but those shoes went through hell. So, if you're on the fence about buying these or have already purchased them, they're very much worth it. I gave a few to my cousin for her kids but I'm not sure if she tried putting them on yet."

John Bolland

“Got mine today, Newcastle UK. Awesome product, thanks Chuck!

Looking forward to ordering some for my mates for Xmas.”

Anthony Derham

“Delivered today in the UK! The Anchors are brilliant, packaging is sweeeet too! Just done my Vans, now onto the Converse. Feels so much better than shoving the laces down the sides of my shoes like I always have done! Last pack are going on my work shoes tomorrow. Brilliant design. Thanks very much!“


“Greetings Charles.............Got my 9 pack here in Michigan yesterday, Already gifted 6 packages.......lots of smiles.....Thanks and continued Good Luck..........Semper Fi........”

Nathan Hussein Pitcairn

“I got mine a few days ago and I got to say... I LOVE THEM!!! They are beyond what I thought.I was a bit worried at first because I have big feet and the shoes I wear (Onitsuka Tiger's) are hard enough to get on and off. But with the anchors in I've had no issues! w00t!!!

William Burke

“Just wanted to let you know... I CUT MY BOWS OFF!!!!! they are working great.”


"I backed these things originally and have been stoked with how well they've worked. I'm completely incompetent with knots and these things have saved me from having to constantly retie my shoes on practically an hourly basis."

Victoria Davis

“Received mine in Massachusetts! It only took a few minutes to attach, and I cut my laces right away....no regrets! Can't believe how easy it is to put on my sneakers and how great they feel without a bow tie! Great work, Charles! Can't wait to share with family. Best Regards, Victoria”


“I took a huge risk cutting of the front of my laces this afternoon before heading to class. I regret feeling regret in the first place. I completely forgot about my shoes until I got off the bus home and realized I had lace anchors installed!

Basically, the lace anchors work perfectly! “

Steven Hose

"would have been about 25 min but I lost a lace anchor on my standard beige carpet most people have in the u.s.. Keep track of the anchors on installation and try to avoid carpet! Luckily, I found the missing one. They look and feel great and have not come loose on my adidas sambas. Love not tieing my laces. I did some rough estimation to see how much time these save me. Suppose you take 25 seconds to tie your shoes, subtract 10 seconds I find it takes to put on shoes with lace anchors. You end up with 15 seconds saved each time . Suppose you tie your shoes twice a day, that's 30 seconds a day, 210 seconds a week, 900 seconds a month, and about 11, 000 seconds a year or 180 minutes or 3 hours. Not a bad investment!”

Wayne Rivera

“Finally got my Lace Anchor 2.0's in and WOW. Truly great product. Already showed some friends and they will be buying some for themselves.“


“Yay, mine arrived in England today. A fantastic little product. “

Lee Garvin

“Got mine this week; tried it out immediately - works great!“


“I knew I would like not having bows on my shoes (they get caught on racks and equipment at work) but I was a little surprised how much more comfortable my shoes were with the lace anchors. There's no bow to tickle my ankles under my pant cuffs, and the top of the shoe fits better; they used to be a little too tight right underneath the bows. Great product & I wish you success selling these in brick & mortar stores.“

Tom Quarterman

“got mine tuesday (UK) thanks guys there great“

Véronique Mercier

“Got mine (Canada) and they work great! Thank you!“

Nirmal Singh

“Got my Lave Anchors (Dubai)

Thanks a lot Charles, You're a boss!”

Alex von der Linden

“Got mine yesterday and they work as advertised. Will slowly convert all of my shoes that way. :)“

Andy Bruce

“Got mine on Friday, have already cut the laces of one pair of shoes and installed on the rest, so fair so good will report back after more use.”

Giuseppe Saviano

“Italy got Anchored as well! Just installed mine! AWESOME!“

Cheryl Gillan

“So worth the wait. Many thanks from Australia”


“Another satisfied customer from Australia. Received mine in the Sydney office today. Popped open the packet to take a look (couldn't wait until getting home).

Actually a bit smaller than I envisaged, which is a good thing in my book! Thanks“

Martyn Whitley

“I received mine the other day (Chesterfield, UK) and they are a great little product! Very pleased“

Raymond MacDonald

“I received mine about a week ago in MA. INSTALLED. Super easy and works as promised”

Rafael Misael Romo Ramirez

“Got mine today, in Mexico. Awesome, I love them!!!!“

Marcella Martinez

“Finally was able to install! They are amazing! Thank you for the product and all your communication.“

Jarratt Waters

“Installed my Lace Anchors 2 days ago. They are great! I love them. Not 1 problem. I cut lace too short, but it has not been a problem so far. I am very hard on my shoes, and so far, these have kept up. Good work“

Ryan Brandon on May 31 Backer

“I got mine!!! Thank you so much. Easy install, and already cute the laces. Thank you!!!“

Francesco Badraun

“I have mine now! There awesome. Everyone keeps asking me what they are and where I got them from :D. Nice job, thanks.“

Dirk Huesmann

“Mine arrived on saturday the 1st of June 2013 in the middle of Germany. Great package design for a great product. You should make it available in sneaker stores (such as Foot Locker)....“

Daniel Zechmann

“Arrived last week near Vienna.

Simple and perfect :)“

Edgar Gomez

“SWEET BABY JEBUS i recieved mine and couldnt be happier! I even shared a pack with a friend!“

Richard "AvatarIII"

“Got mine (UK) last week. forgot to post about it, thanks a lot, my girlfriend loves them”


“Just popped in to say I received mine last week all the way down here in New Zealand and I'm very happy with them, thanks Charles :)“


“I have just received mien yesterday.

According to my 12 years old daughter, I am "the coolest dad ever XOXO: - so thanks!“


“Got mine, awesome. First pair of sneakers set up with anchors. Love the change and simplicity.“

Daniel Mitchell

“Mine arrived in Calgary today; fitted them to shoes, working great so far. Thanks!“


“Hi! Just got my Lace Anchors today in the mail (was very excited!) and installed them on a pair. They're just perfect! Thanks from France!!!“

Ronald Lust

“Mine arrived a couple of days ago and I already installed them. This really is a great yet simple solution ^^“


“Cut mine pretty close, no problems at all, It depends on the laces. I will sear them just in case.I have honestly been waiting for this invention since I was 5. Boots, Dress shoes, yeah sure, but everything else, why you got them floppy bits of string everywhere? Thanks so much, they are amazing.”

Richard K

“Got mine on Vashon Island, WA, US. Installed in less than 5 minutes, so far so good. Thanks!”

Shaun Merritt

“Got mine on Sat right before vacation to Disney with the family on Sunday. Walked over 20 miles in 3 days and the Lace Anchors worked brilliantly!!!! Had to make a couple adjustments to get the comfort and feel right due to the lace tension being different but could not be more pleased. Kept smiling as I saw people stoping and tying their shoes and I never did... even at the airport. AWESOME... AWESOME... product.”

John Metzger

“Got mine yesterday (another native washingtonian) Slick packaging and they work exactly as described and shown on the videos. Congrats on your successful launch.“


“Thanks! Got mine a couple days ago and have been using it since. Works perfectly“


“I got my lace anchors!! and they are AMAZING! Thank you so much.“

Ryan Stuckmaier

“These are great. Received mine about a week ago (IL, USA) and put them in my work shoes and my "everyday" shoes. After a few days testing I finally snipped the laces in my work shoes! It felt great! My everyday shoes have an insole that lifts up so I just tucked them under that; that wasn't possible with my work shoes.“

Andrew Arminio

“Northern AZ here. Got my order in the mail today. Getting them just right was a little tricky, and I may adjust more later but otherwise I love 'em! I'm almost ready to cut my laces off and it hasn't even been an hour.“

Lydell Capritta

“Got mine today! Installed them, tested them, and cut the laces. Great idea, Great product, Great Customer Service”


“Just got mine in NJ! I love these. Going to have to buy more. :)“

Jared Bennett

“Got mine 2 days ago and have anchored 2 pairs so far. Loving them!“

allen chang

“got mine the other day, thanks! the packaging reminds me if old school pop rocks and they work perfectly“

Jose Castro

“Thanks again for such an amazing product!!!!!!“

Paul Ford

“Received in MS today...got my Brooks anchored in 5 minutes”


“I received my lace anchors last week, just installed them on a pair of sneakers... I can't believe this incredibly simple, yet sophisticated, design hadn't been invented already. My pregnant wife will more than appreciate not having to tie shoes anymore. “

Jamie Stone

“Easily one of the coolest things I've ever bought. Thank you for creating such a great product!! Such a simple concept, and it works awesome :)“

Brian Cazon

“Just got mine in the mail today. I'm using them now and they work as good as I thought they would. Thank you“


“Just got mine today! So excited. My two boys love them“

Jim L

“I laced up my kicks and anchored them bad boys! Looks fantastic! I can't get past how simple these things are and work greatly! One question though, what's the difference between LA 1.0 and LA 2.0? :P

I diamond laced my Marc Ecko Unlimited kicks I got years ago collecting dust because I didn't like the big bows, now I diamond laced those things thanks to your vid lol.

Also used the under over method on my Adidas driving sneaks. Truthfully, I have been lacing those things up with over unders without actually knowing that the over under lacing method is actually a thing. I guess I was above the curve on that one XD.“


“Got it in Sweden today! Put them on my shoes and I love it! Thanks for the epic product!“

Lance Ackerman

“I got mine a few days ago-USA- these work perfectly! Very neat product!“

Vance Warner

“Lovin' the Lace Anchors - Trainers feel surprisingly secure from the get-go and the kids can't wait to get their hands on them. Great work!!!”

Charlie Seaman

“Arrived in UK today!! They are great such an awesome project“


“Just got mine today in sweden. They work great!“

Rick PearceM

"OMG, they are awesome. Just installed them on my black Saucony Grid walkers I use for work and they are doing exactly what they're supposed to. Got a very loose bow tied for now, but I can see cutting them really soon. Incredible, simple design. Thanks”

Cody Fale

“Lace Anchors Make Me Happy! Got them in the mail and had to install them immediately. I am very pleased! Thank you and I'm glad I got enough for 9 pairs of shoes right away!“


“Woohoo!! Got mine in The Netherlands.

Thanks Chuck for your brilliant product!“

Tom van Hoof

“Just received mine in The Netherlands! They are very nice and the packaging looks so professional. Need to go and buy new shoes now. Thank you“


“I just received mine and they're awesome! I've been walking around with them put on for several hours now and it's really the best thing ever not having to tie the laces! Also BTW, I'm from Poland“

Vitaliy T

“Got mine in Baltimore , MD! THEY ARE AWESOMEEEE. love it !!!!“

Simon Kramme

“Got my Anchors in Denmark today. They are just as good as I thought they would be.”

Michael Feinstein

“so far they have been working very well. thank you!”

-Michael Feinstein, NJ