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Who We Are

Who We Are

Lace Anchors®: The History Behind Our Easy-Tie Shoelaces

At Lace Anchors, we didn’t set out to change the world. We didn’t want to take over the Internet. We just wanted an easier way to quickly and reliably tie shoes! Like most inventors, we developed Lace Anchors to solve a specific problem. We hated the way it felt to trip over shoelaces that wouldn’t stay tied. Plus, we dreaded making cool shoelace designs because we had to knot our shoelaces to keep the designs in place, and those knots never held.

The Beginning of Lace Anchors for Quick-Tie Laces

This was our reason for inventing quick-tie laces that didn’t require a bow. However, we had some specific goals in mind and we weren’t about to compromise on them. Our easy-tie shoelaces had to:

  • Keep shoelaces in place, even during the most rigorous workouts. We knew this would allow anyone wearing our invention to turn their pair of sneakers into slip-ons.
  • Be affordable. Everyone should be able to enjoy the benefits of quick-tie shoelaces.
  • Be easy to understand and use. We didn’t want Lace Anchors to be tough to figure out. Easy-tie laces should be easy!

We were serious about doing everything the right way from the beginning. The Lace Anchors design was created quickly, and the prototype for our quick-tie laces was actually made using a piece of huge plastic building block. The final design is something we’re proud of and we know our customers love.

The Finished Product: Easy-Tie Shoelaces From Lace Anchors

Not only do our Lace Anchors eliminate shoelace bows for good, but they are also cost-effective and fun! They allow you to be more creative with your shoelace designs, and they also keep your sneakers snugly on your feet in every situation.

If you haven’t tried Lace Anchors yet, browse our site and place an order today for convenient, easy-tie laces. We know you’ll love them from the get-go, and we encourage you to share pics of your shoelace designs using Lace Anchors®.

RocketInk®: Cool Shoelaces for Any Sneaker

After inventing our revolutionary Lace Anchors system that eliminates the need for annoying, unflattering bows on sneakers, we thought about the next logical step in our product line: shoelaces. We knew we could offer customers the whole package if we could provide them with high quality laces. Enter RocketInk.

RocketInk shoelaces are exactly what you need if you want to create amazing shoelace designs. Every set of RocketInk laces we sell:

  • Is durable — RocketInk laces are sturdy and constructed of material that won’t wear out.
  • Comes in the colors you actually want — Are you bored with standard dull-colored shoelaces? RocketInk shoelaces come in all the colors of the rainbow.
  • Comes in different styles — Sometimes you want a flat shoelace, and sometimes you want a round or oval one. No matter what, RocketInk has the styles you need.
  • Works with our Lace Anchors — We have tested every RocketInk shoelace with our Lace Anchors no-tie shoelace invention.
  • Stands out from the crowd — Want to make a statement with your sneakers and no-tie laces? RocketInk is the perfect solution!

Get hooked on RocketInk laces today! Order one or more pairs today, along with your Lace Anchors lace locks, and check out our straightforward videos to create cool, no-tie shoelace designs with your RocketInk laces.

Remember to check out our YouTube videos showing how to create the most creative shoelace designs in the universe. You’ll never look at your sneakers the same way again!