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Lace Anchors® - An Essential Shoelace Accessory

From the time we start wearing shoes with laces, we face it: the battle of the bow. Not only do we have to learn how to tie one, but we have to worry about retying it. Fortunately, with Lace Anchors, you’ll have shoelace locks that keep your laces in place without the need for the bow.

Our revolutionary designs enable you to keep the laces you love without worrying about loosening laces. Lace Anchors are super-strong and turn your favorite pair of lace-ups into slip-ons.

7 Common Shoelace Problems — Avoid Them With Quality Shoelaces and Lace Anchors®

We’ve all had to deal with these typical shoelace problems. Not only are they annoying, but some can be downright dangerous:

  1. Bows that keep coming undone.
  2. Laces that untighten as you wear your shoes, especially if you’re doing anything active such as running, playing or walking.
  3. Laces that contribute to shoe “heel slippage.”
  4. Laces that are either too loose or too tight, making your foot ache.
  5. Laces that keep getting filthy because they come undone and drag in the dirt, slush and mud.
  6. Laces that cannot be tied because they’re too slippery, too short or too fat.
  7. Laces that break after repeated tightening.

Lace Anchors® have been designed to overcome each of these common shoelace problems. You won’t have to stop to re-tie your shoes at the most inconvenient moments, and it’s easy to slip on your favorite pair of sneakers and go! Pair our RocketInk® shoelaces with a set of our Lace Anchors® and you’ll no longer experience distracting shoelace problems.

Comfortable and Simple Shoelace Accessories

We like to listen to our customers, and we take your suggestions to heart. Below are a few of the most popular benefits of Lace Anchors®:

  1. Lace Anchors® are always 100% comfortable!
  2. Lace Anchors® works with all shoelace products.
  3. Lace Anchors® allow customers to create lace patterns and designs.
  4. There’s never a need for a floppy bow to ruin the look of a pair of sneakers.
  5. All shoes with Lace Anchors® maintain a solid fit.
  6. Shoelaces that are extra-long no longer have to be “stuffed” back into the shoes.
  7. Lace Anchors® provide a cure for “heel slippage.”
  8. Tendonitis is kept at bay with the correct consistent tension when using Lace Anchors®

Change the way you feel about your lace-up shoes! Try out Lace Anchors® today and discover what you’ve been missing.