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Choose one of the options below and instantly check out via PayPal. Click it and we ship it within 24 hours! The 3 pack will complete 6 shoes, the 6 pack will complete 12 shoes and the 9 pack will complete 18 shoes! Ditch those bows!

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Helping you achieve bowless slip-on style shoes that you will love with a fit that is 100% comfortable is what Lace Anchors are all about! The shoes on display in department and retail stores look so great without the bow don’t they? However, actually wearing them this way with all the extra lacing pushed inside makes awesome shoes really uncomfortable, not to mention the constant adjustments needed to maintain a solid fit. With Lace Anchors you get to eliminate all the excess lacing while creating solid fitting slip-on shoes! That’s right, no more bows, knots, or excess lacing stuffed inside your shoes. Imagine never having to tie your shoes again! Lace Anchors also provide additional uses such as a cure for heel slippage and custom tension points. With these options you can decide where the pressure from your laces is placed along the top of your foot. Great for people with foot tendonitis. You can also use Lace Anchors to create some really awesome lacing patterns to separate you from the rest. See our video section for how-to videos on all of our options!


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